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Secretary's Page

I shall be using this page to keep you informed of what's going on with regard to the Parish Council and decisions made by our committee.

I have been helping David Pendleton with monthly inspections of the site.  As a result, the Council have issued a few notices of Unsatisfactory Cultivation.  some of the recipients have acted on the notice and their plots are now much tidier.  Others have now quit the site and their plots will be open to rent by people on the waiting list.

The inspections have finished for this year, but we will be starting again in February 2020.  Please note that we do NOT expect you to keep your plots looking like a show garden.  A few weeds and a bit scruffy is fine.  This is a hobby after all.  However, where the level of weed infestation is impacting on adjoining plots, or there is less than 75% cultivation, the letters are being issued.  We fully understand that the weather can have a huge impact on how much work can be done, as can holidays.  I have a category called 'watch', which basically means that the plot isn't really up to standard, but we'll wait until the next inspection to  see if there is an improvement before sending a formal warning.

If any of you have a problem working on your plot, PLEASE let me or David Pendleton know.  We are happy to let matters rest, or try to provide horticultural assistance for a short period to help you out.

Added 4th December 2019

David and I are planning to do monthly inspections, on the first Tuesday of each month starting in February next year.  The date might vary a bit depending on holiday commitments and the weather, but that us the schedule we will be trying to sick to.  David is going to photograph each plot during the February walk round, so we have abase line to refer to. 

Carey Randle

Added 12th June 2020

Hello everyone.  I am very pleased to announce the winners of the Best Allotment competition for 2020. The plots were judged during the last week of May, by three separate judges who went round independently of each other.  The three judges all have slightly different ideas as to what makes a good plot, so hopefully we got an all round view. The three sets of scores were added together to get the overall results.

I would like to thank the judges for their help.

Well done all of you. There will be prizes which are traditionally handed out at the AGM.  This should have been this month, but it will be a case of 'watch this space' .  We need the Club on Manchester Road to reopen, and we need people not to be shielding or self isolating before we can hold it, so it might be a while.

For a list of the winners please go to the "Best Allotments" page


Carey Randall


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