Membership now due £5 for the year, this covers insurance, access to manure and discounted items in the shop.

  Please look at Shop products now restocked updated Saturday 2nd March 2021

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 Clover now back in stock £4.50 for 60 Ltr

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The shop is now open 09:00hrs to 10:00hrs every Saturday

We have a very limited supply of CLOVER compost

This may be the last for this year.

Welcome to our Site. .

The allotments are situated between the slip road of the M6 Junction 21 and the River Mersey in Woolston, Nr. Warrington.
We are lucky to have the Woolston Eyes Bird Reserve in the vicinity.  The site has 84 plots, some are historically full size, new tenants can now only rent half a plot and we also have smaller starter plots.  The site has been much improved with the help of  3 Lottery Grants, Grassroots Grant and help from the local Council.

The Car Park was constructed in 2003, an allotment for the disabled with raised beds, a shed and a polytunnel was built in 2005, along with the purchase of a site toilet.  We have a small car park at the west end of the site with a manure bay and a further car park when entering the site with manure bays.  Water stand pipes were incorporated and these have since been increased so that we have seven in total giving water access to all tenants.

Another project was the purchase of a container with the help of  a Lottery Grant which has been converted into a Site Meeting Hut with a sink, cupboard, table and chairs.

The latest project was to obtain a further grant from the Big Lottery to purchase another container for extra storage and hopefully in time to open a site shop. This grant has been successful and the shop has now been running successfully for the last two and a half years. Please check "Shop Products" and "Guide to products".

We have a friendly helpful community with an active



Manure delivery 11th  October 2019


                                            Lovely day in November 2019 Thanks Carey

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