Prior to construction of the Car Park it looked like an overgrown allotment with only room for a couple of cars. With the help of a grant the work was completed in May 2003. 

The new raised beds on the Disability Site and the site toilet which was purchased at the same time, it was opened on the 28th February 2005.  The toilet is of benefit to all the tenants.

Each year we have our Annual Summer Barbecue, the first one we did we catered for 40, word must have got around because for the last 2 years we have had to cater for 90! Puddings are kindly donated by the members. We have a quiz, raffle and Plant Sale.  The feed back is that a good time is had by all so all the hard work is worth it.  


Janet has been on site the longest, she took up tenancy in 1975 with her Mother, she informed me that it was a field and they would go up and manage to dig one row across. In the end when they were getting nowhere they arranged for it to be ploughed over. During the drought her husband would fetch water in buckets from the River Mersey. Vic is the eldest of our tenants, I am sure he won't mind us saying that he will be 90 in 2011. He took up tenancy in 1978.  He has in his possession a copy of the Tenancy Agreement  given to him by Woolston Parish Council. No buildings were permitted other than compost bins which could be no more than 2' 6" high. Allotments had to be divided by path only. One day he was working on the allotment and there was a very bad storm, the man in the next plot suggested that they build a shed, taking the risk that they might have to take it down.  The shed is still standing now. It is named "Four Candles" after the old joke about the man who went into a shop for some "fork handles" and the shopkeeper said we don't sell candles.  It also has a No Smoking sign on because Vic doesn't want anyone smoking near his tomatoes. Back then the allotments were surrounded by fields, no Junction 21, no houses or Premier Lodge Hotel. Just a pub called the Horse & Jockey and a Chapel.

Work being carried out to get the site ready for the container and some of the volunteers taking refuge from the rain in the site toilet.  

Annual General Meeting June 2010, finished off with wine and a fine selection of cheeses from different Countries.  The Treasurer researches the cheeses and does a description for each one. It is an oportunity for tenants to mingle and get to know each other.    

Father Christmas left a surprise tree!!   This tenant won't starve!!

Left -The tenant on this plot changes the flag regularly, he has several my favourite is the scull & crossbones.
Right - That's one way of filling your watering can. 

Left - This tenant won 1st Prize in the Show for 3 Gladioli, not next year though!!
Right - A lovely bed created outside the plot which won Best Allotment
it is lovely to see as you drive in.

Left - A fine example of some home made coldframes. 
Right - Trying to encourage some birds with a bird box .

Several Tenants are now constructing raised beds, this is a good example of what can be achieved on a half plot.

The above photos are of the Coffee Morning held on the 30th April 2011. It was a lovely day but very windy the tablecloth had to be tied down. It was much more organised this year with Coffee Flasks purchased with the profit made from the Football Cards. Members very generously supplied lots of cakes and biscuits and again it was a very successful event.  Janet brought brought two different homemade Parkins and did a competition on which one was everyone's favourite it turned out to be very even.

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