1. The Association recognises that in society certain groups or individuals have been, and are currently, disadvantaged and as a result have not attained equality of opportunity.  The reasons include ethnic origin, gender, nationality, disability etc. 

2. The Association will conform to all legislation and recommend good practice related to the principles of equal opportunities to ensure that its allotments are available to all members of the community.

 3. This approach will include particular attention to:-

 (a)      the eradication of discriminatory practices, both direct and


 (b)     sexual harassment – the Association will ensure that any breach of policy by its members will be considered a serious issue and dealt with accordingly.


 i)        Direct Discrimination, this consists of treating a person whether on racial, gender or other grounds, less favourably than others are or would be treated in the same circumstances.

 ii)       Indirect Descrimination: this consists of applying a requirement or condition which, whether intentional or not, adversely affects a considerably larger proportion of one group than another and cannot be justified.

 iii)      A racial group: is a group defined by reference to colour, race, nationality, including citizenship or ethnic or national origins.


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