Constitution and Rules of the BLAA.

1.   Name:      Battery Lane Allotment Association (BLAA)

2.   Objects:  Subject to the Parish Councils Permission.
                A)  To join each year the National  Society of   

                      Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Limited.
                B)   Promoting the use of Allotment Plots.
                C)   Encouraging proper cultivation of Plots.
                D)   Maintaining the Communal Areas.
                E)   The purchase of manure,seeds etc.for sale to
                F)   The purchase of equipment,materials etc for the
                       use on the communal areas.
                G)   Insurance to cover Members working on behalf
                       of the Association on the Communal Areas.
                H)   To create a better environment for all Plot 
                I)     To apply for a grant and raise monies for the
                        Allotment Site.

3.   Powers:     Subject to the Parish Councils permission 
The Association shall have full power to do all things necessary
or expedient for the accomplishment of its objectives.

4.   Use of Name:
The name of the Association shall be mentioned in all business letters, notices, invoices, receipts and orders.

5.   Membership:
The Association shall consist of such persons as the Committee may admit to membership. Membership shall consist of a majority of Plot Holders on Battery Lane.

6.   Subscriptions:
Members will be required to pay an annual subscription of such sum as may be determined by the Committee. For Senior Citizen Membership a lower subscription sum will be payable. Membership will run from 1st January to 31st December each year.

7.   Cessation of Membership:
A Member shall cease to be a member in the following eventualities. 
           A) Member's Death
           B) Member's Resignation.
           C) Non-Payment of Subscription for a period of three 
                months after it has become due.
           D) Membership Expulsion - See Rule 8.                           

8.   Expulsion of Members.
A General Meeting by a vote of two thirds of the Members present can expel any member for the conduct detrimental to the Association.

Notice specifying the conduct for which it's intended to expel him/her is sent to their address entered in the register of Member at least four weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

9.   Register of Members
The Association shall keep a register of Members which will contain their names, addresses and date of joining. The Secretary and Treasurer will each have a copy of the Register of Members, each register shall be made available for inspection by Members on demand. 

10.   Annual General Meeting
Shall be held at least once every 15 months. The Association Chairperson, or if not present, a chairperson elected by the meeting shall preside. A quorum at Annual General Meeting shall consist of ten members.

11.   Special General Meetings
Shall be held whenever the Management Committee think expedient or whenever a written requisition, for such a meeting signed by ten or more Members is delivered to the Secretary. 

Should the Secretary fail to convene a Special General Meeting within four weeks after delivery of such a requisition, the Members signing such a requisition may convene such a meeting.

The Association Chairperson or if not present a chairperson elected by the meeting shall preside. A quorum at Special General Meetings shall consist of ten Members. 

12.   Voting at General Meetings
Every Member present at a General Meeting shall have one vote.  Where votes cast in any matter are equal the Chairperson shall have a casting vote in addition to their vote as a Member.

13. Officers
The Association will have the following Officers: Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

14.   Management Committee
The Association Management Committee will consist of the Officers and a minimum of three Committee Members. A quorum at Management Meetings shall consist of four Members.

15.   Election of Officers
Officers of the Association shall be elected from Members by a vote of the majority of Members present at the Annual General Meeting.  To serve until the next Annual General Meeting when they must offer themselves for re-election or resign as Officers. If any Officer shall die, resign, be removed or become unfit to act, the Committee may fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting unless the vacancy has already been filled at a Special General Meeting.

16.   Election of Committee Members 
Committee Members of the Association shall be elected from Members all as described in Rule 15.

17.   Other Members of the Management Committee
The Committee shall appoint other Committee Members as they may deem necessary to accomplish its objectives.

18.   Removal from Office
Any Officer or Member of the Management Committee may be removed at any time by a resolution of the majority of the Members present at any General Meeting called for that purpose which may proceed to fill the vacancy.

19.   Management Commmittee Meetings
Committee Meeting will be held at least four times per annum. Officers will determine the dates of the meetings.  At all Meetings of the Committee where voting is necessary each Member will have one vote.  When votes are equal the Chairperson shall have a casting vote in addition to their vote as a Member.  The Association Chairperson, or if not present a chairperson elected by the meeting shall preside.

20.   Funds
A separate account shall be kept by the Association of all income and expenditure of the Association. All withdrawels from the Association Account to be approved by the Chairperson.  All expenditure must be covered by an invoice.  All income muyst be covered by a receipt.

The Association funds to be expended as may be determined by the Management Committee for the following reasons:

           A) Payment to Members for expenses incurred on behalf of the
           B) Payment of expenses repairing or improving from time to 
 by the Association on the Battery Lane site and access
           C) Payment of expenses for the benefit of Members of the
                Association in such manner as the Committee may

Nothing in the above shall prejudice or affect any right or remedy if any creditor of the Society.

21.  Balance Sheet 
The Treasurer shall produce an audited Balance Sheet at all Annual General Meetings. Copies shall be distributed at the Annual General Meetings.

22.   Auditors
The Association wll appoint two non-qualified auditors to audit its accounts for that year.  The Auditors can be Members of the Association but not Officers or Committee Members.

23.   Inspection of Books
Any ten Members of the Association each of whom has been a member for not less than twelve months may apply to appoint an Accountant to inspect the books of the Associaton and report thereon.

24.   Dissolution
The Association may at any time be dissolved by the consent of 75% of the Members, testified by their signatures to an instrument of dissolution.

All equipment, materials etc will then be sold and the monies together with the Bank Account placed in a dissolution fund.

The fund once all expenses have been paid will be divided equally between all members at the time of dissolution.

25. Membership of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Limited
The adoption of these rules shall constitute an Agreement to apply for one fully paid 10p share in the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Limited and an agreement to pay such annual contributions as may be prescribed by the rules of the said society.




























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