1.       To join each year the National Society of Allotment and
           Leisure Gardeners (N.S.A.L.G.)

2.       Promoting the use of allotment plots. 

3.       Encouraging proper cultivation of allotment plots. 

4.       Maintaining the 2 car parking areas. 

5.       Maintaining the 3 manure compounds. 

6.       Maintaining the 2 compost compounds and recycling. 

7.       Maintaining the 3 tree and shrub mounds. 

8.       Maintaining the other communal areas. 

9.       Maintaining the Chemical Toilet.  

10.     The purchase of equipment, materials etc. for use on the communal areas. 

11.     Insurance to cover members working on behalf of the Association on the communal areas. 

12.     The purchase of manure, seeds etc. for sale to members. 

13.     Provisions for the elderly and disabled users to benefit from the pursuit of growing vegetables and flowers. 

14.     Inviting local community groups to visit this site to witness the growing of vegetables with educational explanations. 

15.     To create a better environment for all Plot Tenants. 

All the above subject to Woolston Parish Council’s permission.


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