Present: Chairman Mike Adams, Chris Ratcliffe, Carey Randall, Tony Bishop, Derek Watson, Roy Tongue, Joe Chamberlain


  1. Apologies received from Kevin Jervis, Steve McNichols and Ken Bullock
  2. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Approved by Derek Watson and seconded by Chris Ratcliffe. Mike asked re progress on the web site – non has been made and we have not received any word. 
  3. Secretary’s report. A new inspection regime is in place where Carey and David Pendleton (Clerk to the Parish Council) inspect all the plots every month during the growing season (March to October). This has resulted in a number of ‘Improper cultivation’ letters being sent out. It has also resulted in Chris Corrigan finally deciding to give up his plot, which has been the subject of many complaints over the years. David p is relying on the expertise of Carey during these inspections to proclaim plots acceptable from a weed point of view. Carey said that she is using a ‘watch’ category for some plots which will not result in a letter, but will if improvement isn’t made by the next inspection. If a plot holder does get a letter, they have 28 days to improve, when a Final Warning will be issued, followed by a Notice to Quit 28 days later.

Mike objected to this procedure saying that ‘people will be upset’. Carey became angry at this because ever since she has been Secretary people have been moaning at her about overgrown and neglected plots, and now there is finally a working procedure in place, Mike is objecting. Carey is officially recording in these minutes that the procedure will continue.

  1. Vacant Plots – connected with the inspection procedure, Carey has asked David that tenancies are terminated even if there is no one on the waiting list to take them over. She asked the committee how many plots we could reasonably keep tidy until re-let. After some discussion it was decided that planting potatoes on these plots was not a good idea, as weeding them would be difficult. We also decided that using weed killer was probably best to get the plots cleared in the first place, because hand digging was going to be far to labour intensive. Committee asked if we could get funding from the council for the weed killer. Carey to enquire Action 19.2.1 
  2. Health and Safety policy. Varey had drown up a basic policy document and several risk assessments for the machinery used for general site maintenance. She asked for a volunteer to take over as Health and Safety officer. After some discussion Roy Tongue kindly said he would do it. It will take a bit of work to set up, but once that is done, it will only need an annual review and the odd tweak. Mike asked why we need one. Chris replied that our insurance policy requires it, plus it would be a good idea anyway. Tony said we need COSHH sheets for any substance that is sold in the shop not in its original container. We agreed that a file of these sheets can be handed to anyone purchasing from the shop and these can be updated if a new item is sold. People must sig for receiving these sheets. We need an Accident Book.  
  3. Post meeting note. John Earle has kindly offered to help Roy get the Health and Safety policy up and running.
  4. Derek asked where the nearest defibrillator is. At the RC church in Weir Lane is the answer. Derek rightly pointed out that if someone can make it that far, then they don’t need one. Carey said she would enquire as she has a networking aquaintance that provides them. Action 19.2.2 & 19.2.3
  5. AoB
  1. Awards – have not happened this year. David Pendleton said we shouldn’t be judging them ourselves, but nothing has happened to get an independent judge – ie Colin Stanton to do it. We need the judging to happen next June and the Council should set the date.
  2. Chris pointed out that the portacabin was 15 years old and our first aid kit was of a similar vintage. He asked for permission to get a new one which was granted. The old one can live in the toilet.
  3. As Alan Forster is giving up his plot soon, we asked who will look after turning the water on and off over the winter. Chris and Joe both know how to do it, although any leaks and plumbing requirements will need a professional. Carey to ask David P. Action 19.2.4   
  4. There being no further business the meeting closed at 17:10

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